Link Love

Sites I love:


Sweden Blogs: The official blog portal for Sweden! I write the Expat Blog here, but I love following the other blogs too–they have a rotating cast of bloggers writing about fashion, sustainability, life as a student, working in Sweden, film, photography, and food!

Lola Akinmade: Award-winning photographer and writer, currently the photoblogger at Amazing photos of different slices of life in Sweden and around the world.

Daily Photo: Photographer Christopher Grant posts one photo a day. Extra exciting: he lives in Lund, so the photos are frequently of my hood!

Semiswede: Kind of about Sweden, and kind of not. Maia is an American expat in Malmö who brings both extensive research and great creativity to modern Swedish cuisine. Saffron bun stuffing, Lussekatter bread pudding, shortcut Swedish meatballs… say no more.

Scandinavian Kitchen: A wacky sense of humor and random news related to all things Scandinavian from Jonas (the Swede) and Bronte (the Dane), the masterminds behind the Scandinavian Cafe and Deli in London.

Uncategorized favorites

A Brie Grows in Brooklyn: Style, fashion, design, art, celebrity gossip, lots of drinks. I like the way she rolls.

The Rejectionist: Opinionated, cynical former publishing assistant and writer on publishing politics, writing, and books. And occasionally some other stuff.

Terrible Minds: I have no idea where I found this blog but I am so glad that I did. Chuck Wendig calls himself a freelance penmonkey. He’s hilarious. Lots of thoughts and ideas about writing, many of which have made me giggle spontaneously while reading from my phone on public transportation.

Justine Musk: The subtitle to her blog is “because you’re a creative badass,” which I want to be. Justine tells it like it is on writing, creativity, gender politics, social media, sex, power… etc.

Stories of Conflict and Love: Roxanne Krystalli writes so beautifully, it inspires me and twists me up in knots of jealousy at the same time. (But in a good way.) She’s a development worker, a writer, a reader, and a passionate observer of the many worlds she inhabits.

20-Something Meals: My friend Josh Hamlet is a foodie, a runner, a writer, and an adventurer of nearly-boundless energy. He recently made the jump from South Korea to Brooklyn, cooking and eating his way through the seasons.

For living vicariously

Fluent in 3 Months: I just started following Benny the Irish Polyglot, and I’m finding his writings on language learning and travel totally fascinating. He has the same “get in there, no holds barred” philosophy towards language learning as I do, but puts far more extreme demands on it: every three months, he picks up and moves to a new part of the world and learns the language there. Too awesome.

Life in the Expat Lane: “Miss Footloose” has, according to her own account, “cooked, shopped, mothered, traveled and written stories in Africa, Asia, Europe, the US and the Middle East.” At the moment, she’s living in Moldova. This woman is the real-deal expat.

Unbrave Girl: Sally from Buffalo has taught English in rural Japan, Tokyo, Thailand, and now China, plus she’s been a cat-sitter, a rice paddy weeder, and an assistant sailboat-maker. She eats a lot of dumplings and is obsessed with her couch. She does all of these things in a really funny, interesting way.

Adventurous Kate: She’s taken on South East Asia, and now this Bostonite is using England as home base for exploring Europe. Her stories generally make me want to buy plane tickets.

Matador Network: A compendium of articles on travel, expat life, adventure, culture, food and drink, travel gear, language and study abroad… etc. etc. etc. Really great writing on a wide variety of subjects, themes, and destinations.