Upcoming Events at Vollsjö Mill

Last Easter, I took a trip out to Vollsjö Mill with Simon to see the mill’s grand opening and meet Cecilia, the owner and one of my Twitter friends. Her husband, Tobias, gave us a tour of the mill beyond the seed magazine that was incredibly interesting. They also had an art exhibition with Danish artist Richard Winter and a cafe selling local goods on the premises.

Here’s the blog post if you’re interested: Adventure to Vollsjö Mill.

I can highly recommend a trip out there, and there will be two good occasions to go in August and September.

On August 26 from 11 am-4 pm, there will be a flea market (or “loppis,” in Swedish). If you are interested in selling your curious and antiquities, the cost of a space is 100 kr.

On the weekend of September 15-16, Vollsjö Mill is hosting a community event with an art exhibition, various demonstrations, and possibly some different workshops. If you’re interested in participating as a performer or exhibiting your artwork, the cost is 300 kr  for the two days.

To get in touch with Cecilia, the Mistress of Ceremonies, you can visit Vollsjö Mill’s Facebook site, find her on Twitter @VollsjoMill, or call 0416-30880.

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