Frank the Sheep Speaks Swedish

Every single time I see this commercial on TV, I want to die laughing.

First of all, a little back story.

Frank the Sheep. Photo from Tele2's website.

Frank is a black sheep. He never felt like he fit in, so he left the flock. Eventually, he ended up at a telecom company, where realized he was born to be cheap. Bliss! He’s a street smart, tell-it-like-it-is kind of dude.

Frank the Sheep, born to be cheap. Image from Resume magazine.


So, Frank is not from Sweden, and he doesn’t really speak Swedish. He gives it a try, though, in the following commercial.


I’ve been in Sweden for awhile now, so I’ve seen a number of these commercials. This one is definitely one of the best, though.

So now, thanks to Frank, you have a little insight into what it’s like to try to start speaking Swedish. The grammar? Not so hard. The words? Yeah, you have to learn them. The sounds? Totally and completely incomprehensible to me.

(As a sidenote, what a testament to Swedes’ abilities with English that they can follow and enjoy a commercial campaign in English for three years, and it motivates them to buy the service! Crazy.)

You gotta love it.

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  • Anders

    What do you think of “svenska för nybörjare”?

    • Kate

      Ok, I’ll be honest… at first I thought it was really funny, but now so many people who know me personally and have heard me speak have shown it to me that I’ve started to hate it. Shirt-bullar, I know! Earl! (Köttbullar, öl.) Your damn language, it’s hard to pronounce! But then I take a deep breath and realize that it is pretty darn funny after all. :)  

  • simon & anna

    Who speaks Swedish any way?……Swedes.

    Great commercial!

    • Kate

      Haha, I know! Sometime I’m going to repost that comedy sketch you put up with the guy making jokes about Swedish birthdays… love it! 

  • Monica-USA

    OMG!!!! So funny thanks for the laugh Kate!!!

    • Kate

      Haha makes you want to give it a try, right? :)  

  • Christopher Grant

    I admit, I love those commercials as well. It almost seems that the Frank character was developed especially for those westernized foreigners coming to sweden… love it!

    • Kate

      So true. We are all a little Frank… and maybe especially when I open my mouth! :)  

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