Photo essay: Out in Gothenburg’s Harbor

Simon and I went to Gothenburg (Göteborg, for the Swedes) a few weekends ago and had the best time ever. On a whim, we took a boat tour through the canals, out to Gothenburg’s harbor area and back.

Thumbs up for the Paddan tour boat company.

It was actually really fun, and we learned a lot about the city in a pretty short, condensed format. And our tour guide was awesome. She had the appearance and energy of a 14 year old girl combined with the sense of humor and disarming lack of self-consciousness of a middle-aged dad wearing tube socks with Birkenstock sandals, if you know what I mean.

In the canal, on our way out to sea.

The city looks different when viewed from below.

Any lower and we wouldn't have made it.

Ducking under “the city’s lowest bridge”—or at least according to our guide.

All smiles... we made it!

Out in the harbor, it was all about the big ships and the city’s shipbuilding past.

The Barken Viking, a floating hotel owned by the Liseberg amusement park.

All part of the Maritime Museum.

Cranes like mechanical praying mantises, waiting for their prey.

Cranes like giant metal giraffes, waiting for a giraffe leader.

The remnants of Gothenburg's ship building industry.

Göteborg, loud and proud.

And then we were back, ducking under another low bridge and cruising along the park-lined canals into central Gothenburg.

Kungsparken (the King's Park) in central Gothenburg.

Besides the one hour tour that we took, Paddan offers a number of dinner cruises that looked really fun… something to think about for next time!

Paddan information in English

The boat leaves several times an hour from Kungsportsplatsen in central Gothenburg.

Visa större karta


Adults 145 SEK (about $20 at today’s exchange rate)
Children age 6-11: 73 SEK (about $10)
Children age 0-5: Free
Family (2 adults + 2 children): 390 SEK (about $60)


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  • Jonas Jonlund

    Kate, I love your blog(s), I see Sweden from a totally different perspective here :-) I have to correct you on  the “reconstructed Götheborg ship” above though. It’s in fact Barken Viking (

    The East Indiaman Götheborg can be seen here

    • Kate

      Hey! Thanks so much for reading *and* for the correction. I really appreciate it! I wasn’t quite sure about that one and tried to look it up, so I am very glad to have the right name for the ship now. 

      Best! Kate

      • Jonas Jonlund

        I’m glad to help. And I would be thrilled to show you some of my favourite sights and restaurants next time you are in Gothenburg :-) Not so much mexican food here, but good stuff can be found if you know where to look… 

        • Kate

          Thank you! That sounds fantastic. I will definitely take you up on your offer! :D

          • Jonas Jonlund

            Great! :D

  • Monica-USA

    Kate it looks like a lot of fun and what beautiful views. I especially liked seeing the Barken Viking ship it  is beautiful.

    • Kate

      Hey! Thank you. You’ll have to check it out when you make it here yourself :)  

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