Hot pants, strawberries, and a multitude of masculinities: Summer in Malmö

My working day got cut short on Thursday when a student cancelled. Money lost, but time won, and I was feeling pretty cheerful as I stepped out of the office and into the sun.

What to eat, what to eat?

Gustav Adolfs Torg, Malmö

Fortunately, Gustav Adolfs Torg (Gustav Adolf Square) is about one block from where I work, so I stopped at the lone produce stall there and got an apple. Swedish strawberries are in full swing right now, and they get the top-notch billing you see in the photo. Unfortunately, these were priced at 30 crowns a box (just under $5), so they were a little out of my price range. Plus, I was just at the big market in Möllevångstorget, and the vendors there are selling their strawberries for 15-25 crowns.

I had planned on going straight from work to Anna’s apartment so we could play in her garden, but I was in no hurry as I walked towards the train station.

Plenty of time to fall in love with the sight of everyone sitting outdoors in front of cafes, drinking coffee, eating sandwiches, taking it easy.

Södergatan, Malmö

And to snap some photos of the many masculinities on parade.

Södergatan, Malmö

Walking through Stortorget, I came across a beautiful public art display, “Rites of Life,” which shows people from different countries and parts of the world going through different milestones in their lives, like baptisms, weddings, funerals, and more.  The exhibition’s website says:

Everywhere people mark the decisive moments when they pass from one stage in life to another. For more than seven years, photographer Anders Ryman has travelled the world documenting such rituals.

His ambition has been to span all inhabited continents, all major religions and all stages of life, encompassing both the traditional and the modern.

With this project Anders has sought to highlight both the great cultural variety of the world and the affinity between all people, irrespective of culture or religion.

It’s in Stortorget until June 21, I think, so if you’re in Malmö, it’s really worth dropping by and checking it out.

"Rites of Life" by Anders Ryman. Stortorget, Malmö

Apple finished, on my way to the train, but I had to take this picture to show what kind of pants are in style (or at least being worn everywhere) in Sweden right now. Picture the cotton tights you wore to the first day of second grade. Then make them into adult-sized pants. And that is what we call style.

Östergatan, Malmö

I’ll be honest: I’m kind of tempted to buy a pair because when else in my life am I going to be able to wear giant flowered pants in public? Never. Every time I get to the point of actually considering gong into a store to try them on, though, I imagine being back in the US and seeing my mom’s face as I pull them out of my suitcase. Shock and horror.

Malmö Central's bus station

One last temptation… these are what the strawberry stands look like, and they’re everywhere. I don’t know what this says about Sweden, but they seem more patriotic about their fresh produce than they were about their country in general on National Day.

Then it was on the train and back towards Lund to play in the garden.

  • Laura

    I loveeeeee this time of the year… haha.. the fruits/berries are AMAZING :) (i just wrote about them! haha) I can’t get enough! haha. I think you should go for it and get those flower pants… wear them to your hearts content this summer then toss them :) I’m sure you can get a cute pair for a couple bucks at H&M :)  

    • Kate

      Heyyy! You’re right. I totally should. And then I’ll post some pictures of my American butt in truly hilarious pants :)

      I was just reading your post and thinking how nice it would be to go pick my own berries too! I need to find a good place around here. Did you ever read Blueberries for Sal when you were younger? It’s a children’s book… it’s really cute and I always think of it when I think of going to pick berries. Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and that little Olivia is enjoying the shrimp sandwiches! 

      Kramar! Kate

  • the baby of the family

    buy those pants for me!!! for me!!!!

    • the baby of the family

      waaaaaaaaahhhh!!! i want those pants!!!

      • Kate

        Hahahaha you crack me up. If you want them, I’ll send them to you! I’m sure you’ll make a splash in St. Petersburg and Tokyo both. :)

        PS I want more pictures of your hair and Emily’s. Both of you. Get in a photo and send it to me! <3 your big sis

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