Sausage Man Overshadowed (Lomma Beach)

When Emily was here visiting me, we went to the beach. Whoduthunkit?! You go to Sweden, and not only are there no polar bears, but you might even get a tan as well?! Life is cray cray is all I’m gonna say.

Anyway, while at the beach, I was pretty enchanted by the Korv man that you can see below. “Korv” means sausage in Swedish, so that guy is walking up and down the beach with a portable version of those rolling hot dog grills that I usually associate with gas stations and 7/11. According to my friend Malin, he’s been around for a long time… always the same guy, every year, hawking his sausages up and down the beach.

Of course I had to take a picture. But then when I was looking at them a little later, I saw something else happening in the foreground that seemed very strange.

At the very least, I know my mom is going to think this is funny. Happy hippity dippity summer.

kate reuterswärd
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