Ben Schott’s Pluviocabulary: A list of words for rain

Below you can find an extensive “Pluviocabulary,” or list of words (all of which “actually exist” in the Oxford English Dictionary) related to rain and rainfall assembled by New York Times columnist, Ben Schott. I’m not sure that people would really know what you meant if you tried to use most of the words at left in a conversation, but it’s nice to have the option, right? For my part, I much prefer skiffs, shatters, and scats to a flaught, a flaw, or a scud. Don’t you?

I made a smaller list for rain in Swedish. It seems to me with all the rain we get here that there should be a much more extensive list, but I need access to the whole official Norstedts Swedish dictionary online so I can search for all the rain-related terms instead of just looking for translations of English terms.

Swedish words for rain!

Maybe knowing the right word to describe the rain will be satisfying enough to make me happy when it rains instead of grumpy.

Rain: regn

Rainy weather: regnväder

A “soaker” (the dictionary’s term, not mine): rotblöta

A few drops of rain: en skvätt regn

A gentle steady rain: ett strilande regn

A violent storm: ett häftigt oväder

Acid rain: surt regn

A dash of rain: störtskur

Downpour, drencher, torrent: störtskur

Drizzle (noun): duggregn

Every cloud has a silver lining: efter regn kommer solsken (literally: the sunshine comes after rain)

Heavy downpour: ett häftigt regn

Heavy rain: slagregn, piskande regn

It is steadily pouring down: Regnet silar ned

It never rains but it pours: En olycka kommer sällan ensam; Allting ska då komma på en gang (these phrases have the same overall meaning, but it doesn’t refer to rain at all)

It’s raining cats and dogs: Det öser ner (no cats, no dogs)

Nasty weather: regn och rusk

Pluvial: regn-; regnig; regnrik

Pouring rain, downpour: ösregn, spöregn, hällregn

Pouring rain: hällande regn, ösregn

Rain or shine: i regn och sol[sken[

Rain showers: regnskurar

Rainforest: regnskog

Sheets of rain, rain coming down in sheets: skyfall

Soft rain : lätt regn

The rain came down steadily: regnet strilade ned

The rain is beating against the window: regnet slår mot fönstret

The rain was coming down in buckets: regnet stod som spön i backen

The rain was pelting down: regnet störtade ned

There was rain, it rained: det blev regn

There’s going to be rain: det blir regn

To be caught in the rain: överraskas av regnet

To drizzle: småregn

Torrential rain: skyfallsliknande regn

Synonyms for “duggregn” (drizzle): småregn, fint regn, findroppigt regn

Synonyms for ” ösregn” (pouring rain/downpour): spöregn, störtregn, störtskur, hällregn, hällande regn, kraftigt regn, skyfall, rotblöta

Find the original article here!

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  • Quarryman

    I think you forgot the kind of rain that is quite common in the fall and spring, “snöblandat regn”, “sleet” in english. And if you want a saying about rain, there is “efter regn kommer solsken”, in english “after the rain, the sun will shine”, used in the meaning “don’t worry, things will get better”.

    • kwise321

      Perfect. Thank you!

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