DECEIT! DESPAIR! And other totally normal emotions to feel during a bachelorette party!

So, all in one week I got the mumps and got better and kidnapped a bride-to-be and gave her lots of champagne and a picnic and kubb(!) and a make up session. And the day was far from over. Long live the Swedish bachelorette party! (Or möhippa, in case you want to be all authentic and Swedish about it.)

After Anna’s make up was applied and she looked like a rock star, we met up with the guys again and headed towards the train station. We got on the train that takes you through Malmö, across the Oresunds bridge to Copenhagen, and then heads north. And then we gave Anna her next letter.

At left, the letters-master (Simon) and Anna, still unsuspecting. At right, Anna's getting a little nervous, probably because we're all laughing and squirming in anticipation.

Inside, she found what she thought was a MTV advertisement for an American Idol-style “Make Me a Pop Star” competition to be held in downtown Copenhagen. The advertisement told her that she would have 45 minutes to prepare and produce a music video for an international pop competition, and that she had to sing a song that had been on the Billboard™ Hot 100 sometime in the past three years. And I guess Anna doesn’t like singing or performing that much, because she panicked. Very quietly.

I didn’t feel sorry for her, because I knew what would be happening very soon. Instead, I took photos while she tried to choose a song and memorize lyrics on the fly.




For the record, Anna was an incredibly good sport about imminent torture and all that. Things changed, though, and she didn’t have to maintain her stiff upper lip all the way to the Copenhagen Central Station.

OH MAH GAWD what's going on here! (Kidnapping, part two.)

Keep in mind, there were about 20 of us in one train car, all but one of whom know that the bride was not going to make it to Copenhagen. I was quivering all by myself in the corner, trying not to look to excited or expectant or anything. When the train reached the airport, just a few stops before Copenhagen, the doors opened and people filed out. Everyone was still playing it cool, staying seated, and then THEY SPRUNG LIKE WILD MEN AND PICKED UP ANNA AND CARRIED HER OUTSIDE TO THE PLATFORM ON THE WINGS OF EAGLES/LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL/ETC. And then of course they delivered another letter.

In English, the letter says, "Where are you going? Go to the Norwegian Air check in."

Once we got there, she got her passport and a ticket to Paris.

I think it was a pretty ok surprise.

And then we were off!

Part of the group at the airport.

To cut a two-hour flight short, we all got on a plane to Paris and arrived around 9:30 pm. And the night was still young.

(to be continued)

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