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The “European/You’re a-peein’” challenge

I have been wanting to make a joke around “European” and “You’re a-peein’” for… well… what feels like forever now. I will pay millions of dollars to the person who supplies me with such a joke, ready for use, for connoisseurs of homeschool humor/dad humor. Just sayin’.

update: on expat life, on silence, on a different pace of life

i spent most of today frazzled and stressed about work, about money, about flights home, and missing simon… but now i am feeling better.

i don’t know what it is, but the isolation that seemed so strange when i first got here has now become really comforting.

it’s strange when i think about my normal social habits in the united states: if i’m not hanging out with someone or actively doing something that precludes conversation, i’ll be on the phone, chatting. but here, i go from the end of work to the beginning of work the next day without talking to anyone face-to-face unless i go out for a beer with someone with work immediately afterwards. and i talk to simon everyday, but always over skype.

somehow, now, the silence and the tuned-off-ness has become kind of calming. it still can be very lonely sometimes, but right now, it feels like the balance has shifted in some very small way, and it’s no longer something i need to escape. it’s something i can really live with.

back in wien again

The weekend’s over now, and I’m back in the office. I had a really nice time with Simon, and it was totally worth going even for just a short weekend. We had lots of good quality time together, plus we had lunch with his parents, met up with Anna and Nils (my favorites of Simon’s friends), and also got to see Josefin, my friend from Perugia, for about half an hour before I got on the train to go to the airport and home again. 

This long distance thing is really a drag, though. I am so sick and tired of waiting and waiting to see Simon just to have the time fly when we’re actually together. It’s better than the other alternative, though (breaking up). I just can’t wait to be in the same place as him.

Zen… zen… zen… ommm… headache. I think I need to work on this.



oh, lordy. much better day at work today. life is good again. i thought i was going to be fired yesterday. eeeegads.

tonight–an “it’s almost the weekend” celebratory beer, and then packing for SWEDEN!


latest update

pretend this is a stock ticker:

– job performance, down four points

– exhaustion, up three points
– evening fun, outperforming index average
– knowledge of internet skills, up two points
– awareness of upcoming weekend, flatlining
– desire for weekend, up seven points
– need for a bath/massage/my mom, up seven points
– thyme plant, up one point
– german, stable

ok, that about sums it up.

also, i used my food processor last night and the juicer last night and tonight, and it is so awesome. life, good. danke kuchenmaschine.

boo hoo hoo (goodbye, parents)

A classic portraiture subject: girl with küchenmaschine.

My parents have now officially left the country (or are on their way) and are headed to Prague. They’ll spend a few days there and my sister Emily will join them there. Then they will go to Salzburg, then Ravenna, then Cinque Terre (
siiiiiiigh), then to Genova. From there, my dad will leave and go home, and my mom will stay for another week with my cousins. I was so sad to say goodbye to my parents this morning, but it’s good knowing that I will visit my mom, Emily, and my cousins in Genova over Easter… only two weeks away! So exciting. And in the meantime, I’m going to Sweden next weekend. Hooray!!!

So now I’m at work, trying to do whatever and pass the time until I can go home and do a ceremonial unwrapping of my NEW FOOD PROCESSOR. I’m in love. This might sound excessive (ok, it sounds excessive), but I am so happy. My parents got me a food processor for my birthday because I had one in the states and I was so sad to leave it behind because I love my food processor. And so my parents got me a new one so that I would feel more at home and also so I could I reach the culinary heights to which I aspire. And this will be the final push towards fulfilling a long-time desire to learn how to bake bread. Starting whenever I stop this traveling madness of the next two weeks, I will begin experimenting with bread.

As an added bonus to this food processor, it is totally awesome and comes with additional attachments, so my food processor is also a blender, a juicer, and a spice mill. I am the queen of the world. This means that I can juice a pomegranate, use the juice to make a pom-erita, and then make a perfectly pureed soup for lunch… all without cleaning anything. My summer is going to be so fabulous.

That is all I can say about the food processor now. I know I am obsessed, but… (I don’t care).

my birthday!

quick post before going to bed… so tired now, but feeling good.
i’ve been having a fabulous weekend with my parents. we’ve been walking everywhere and doing everything and eating all the cake in vienna. today was truly a banner day in honor of my birthday (geburtstag in german, fodelsedagen in swedish, i think…) and we had sacher torte and apfelstrudel in one day. yum.
we’ve done so much and i’ll post photos for now, but for now, i’ve had a fabulous birthday and i send a big thank you to the great beyond for all the birthday wishes.
xoxo kate

Some photos from Beth’s visit…

Beth’s amazing culinary invention: chicken breast stuffed with taleggio and dates, wrapped in prosciutto, baked in red wine.  Yumm…

Eating chocolate on the train.

Mmm… chocolate…

Wandering around Soho in London…

Future Linguistics Major + The Rosetta Stone = Tru Luv 4 Lyfe!!!

So tired in the Tate.

Mother Goose + Duckies in Hyde Park!

A tired Beth on the train to the airport :(

Now Beth is home in Philly, back at the Mawr… Sadness prevails.

Beth! Come back! Come back and make me ridiculously good food! Full of fat! And feed me more chocolate! And come swimming in the therme with me!!

Monday Morning Perspective

I have to say, Elaine is just the nicest, best person ever to work with. I really lucked out. I had no idea what she would be like to spend every day with, and obviously there are always ups and downs with everyone, but she was so great to Beth and so helpful to me during the London conference–she’s true blue. Like in The Royal Tennenbaums, when Royal says to Ethel, ”You’re true blue, Ethel.” I love that movie. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.
And now, back to work! I’ll post some pictures later today after work hours. In the meantime… tschuss!!

Conference is over

The conference is over now, thank goodness. I’m so tired and worn out, but it was really productive in general and I learned a lot about many of the things you can do with social media. I even (gasp) signed up for Twitter, which I think is so embarassing but there was so much information floating around on it I thought it would be really useful. I don’t think I can reconcile the Twitter account with the rest of my life. Gross.
Definitely one of the coolest things about the conference was learning about all the innovative ways people are using technology to create social change. I actually couldn’t believe the things that 22, 23, 24 year olds are doing. On one hand, it makes me feel really bad about myself when I think about it in relation to myself and my non-contributions to the world or whatever. On the other hand, it makes me feel motivated to become knowledgeable in this stuff so I can at least enable my organization to make the most of its people and projects.
Anyway, more later. So excited to have the whole day free tomorrow to spend with Beth. Two Wisewomen on the town… whatttup.