Monthly Archives: March 2008

fatto vivo

i’m still alive, still kicking…

  • katie arrives tomorrow from “wien” (vienna)!
  • i’m going to genova over easter with my cousin, margherita, and then we’re going skiing!
  • i am actually faced with actually having to actually fill out stuff for next year (davidson library remote access: stop timing out on me.)
  • mmm… life is still good. oggi ho mangiato un taglio di pizza per pranza e dopo ho preso un bel gelato: pinoli e nocciola. mmmm….
  • going out has gotten a lot cheaper now because we’ve made friends with the bartenders.
  • and…

i think that’s about it for now. oh, and this: according to my roommate, enza (which i only just recently found out is short for vincenza, which is far less cute), “la tavola” is the table set and primed for food/eating, while “il tavolo” is when you refer only to the table as a piece of furniture. interesting, right?

ok, well if you have any interest in writing a thesis application for me, please let me know, because it’s molto dificile to do it here. love! from kate